Cave Uniques [.pdf]

What you can do in silkroad? When you dont have mood for trading next nice think is to hunt uniques. Jangan cave has many uniques and fortunetly most of them are in B5-6 floor, where u can port in defined time. It means no more waiting on uniques, all server know when it spawns. Here is some information about uniques. Download Uniques >

Jangan Cave Maps [.pdf]

Jangan Cave is really big, much bigger than old cave for lvl70. And find right way in new cave can be little bit complicated. This maps should at least little help you. Download Maps >

D10 Tablets

If you want make easily some money, best way is to prepair on upcoming degree. Just buy important elements now for low price and sell later for higher price or use it for doing d10 stones. Continue reading >

Jangan Cave quests

I ve found list of quests in Jangan cave, unfortunetly some data are missing. But anyway i think it can be helpfull. I will try to fill in missing datas later. Continue reading >

D10 Skills Euro + China

Here is list of new skills which prepaired joymax for lvl 91-100. It includes all stats and effect of this skills with basic information how skill works. Continue reading >

D10 Weapons - Euro

List of euro weapons d10 with their stats. Continue reading >

D10 Weapons - China

Here is nice table of d10 china weapons with their stats. Hope it helps you to find what exactly you need. Continue reading >