Maps, Egypt area

Next part of silk road will be implemented to Silkroad Online game. From a history facts, we are going on furthest western point of silk road. It is Egypt. Egypt is for sure fame for their gods, monuments and history. All this will be implemented to new part of Silkroad.


1. Egypt overview

On right side of my page you can look on full Egypt map with spawn places of mobs.

2. Alexandria

Alexandria is new city in Silkroad. This city is special, because you can enter there only with lvl 95. Area around Alexandria should look like oasis in desert and is free for all players, without any restrictions.

3. Grinding Area

Across river you can enter into 2 areas, one with lower mob, second with higher level mobs.

4. Unique Dungeon

On right side of map, you can enter to Unique dungeon. This dungeon is open while uniques spawn and it is 2times a day in fixed time, given by Joymax. Dont mess this area with Instance, it is not instance.

5. Temple

Next area is Temple. Entry is in right part Egypt, as you can see on my map. You can enter there only with lvl 105+. But this area has one speciality, you can enter there only with job suit (hunter, trader, thief). It is completly new idea of joymax, we can call this place as PvP area. Advantage of this area is, that you can drop gold coins, which can be dropped only here. In picture part is also map of this dungeon.

6. Tomb of Pharaoh

This area will be first instance in Silkroad. What is it? It is area, where you can port with your party and all area will be only yours:) Simply every party will get own Tomb, so you dont have to worry about KS. Entry to this area is in right bottom corner.

Instance has some rules. First of all you need share party of 2-8 ppl to enter there. You can sellect 3 levels of difficulty which are different by lvl of mobs. You can enter there whenever you wish, but you can enter only 2 times a day. Premium user can enter 5times per day. After 2hours in this area, you will be ported back and you have to enter again. It means 4h (10h premium) in this area per day.

7. Coins

In Tomb you can drop silver coins and in Temple you can drop silver and gold coins. This coins can be changed at NPC for valnurable items. For example Seal of Comet and other special items.