SP Farming, ong taxi

I was thinking which tutorial make as next for my site. Since there isnt any sro update which really need to be tutorialized i choosed SP Farming tutorial. Without good knowledge of farming Sp you cant make strong char.


1. What is it farming?

Every character in silkroad gets skill points (SP) same as exp. During playing you see getting skill exp points while killing mobs. You need 400 skill exp points to get one SP. These SP you can use to add skills to your character (press S in game).

Farming is about GAP. Ehm, what is GAP? GAP is diference between your character lvl and your mastery level. FOr example if you are lvl50 and your highest mastery is lvl41 than your GAP is 9. Highest GAP is 9, sure you can have higher diference but silkroad will count it as 9

With 0 GAP u will get most Exp and lowest SP and oposite, with 9 GAP you will get highest amount of SP and lowest amount of Exp. While you have GAP 0 you get 100% sp and 100% exp. Every higher gap you get 10% more sp and 10% less exp. In GAP 9 is situation like this: you get 10% exp and 190% sp. As you can see it is not easy, because 10% exp means u will get 10x less exp with gap 9.

2. Why farming?

Simply if you want good character you need many of skills, on low level you have enought SP for almost everything, but on higher lvl it is kinda hard to get all important skills. For example good lvl100 full farmed characters need aroun 1.5mil SP.

3. Farming methods

3.1 Farming without taxi

This is old method from past time. Fortunetly new players dont have to go across this hell:) It was simply leveling with GAP9, usualy players did it on levels where they could get SOS weapon, so it was faster. But i strongly dont recomand anyone do this in these days.

3.2 Farming in taxi (reccomanded)

Fastest power level in silkroad is with taxi. It means you make exp share party with some high level character, which kill mobs and you getting exp. Fastest taxi is on lvl 33/34 mobs called ong, located south from Samarkand. Why? They have simply best spawn rate and enought low to be one hitted with any int character. Best exp you will get if your farming character will be 10-12 lvl below the mobs your taxer killing.

Best taxer Wizards are known for their best damage in game. You will need only lvl 50 - 60 wizard which is able to one hit party ong. Sure you need char which one hit party ong, because without it getting slower. Unfortunetly wizards skills takes long time and are kinda easily KSed (Kill steal). Fastest character is bard, which really cant be KSed, unfortunetly has lower damage so u will need around lvl 80 bard to be able one hit ong.

Ideal party - Yes it also matter about party. Most important is average level of members in party. Thats why it is better to join only lvl70 wizard or 80 bard and not 100lvl. Your character will be lvl 21-23 (12lvl below ong) and if you wanna have lower average lvl you need to join more low lvl characters to party. For example other farming ppl with lvl 20-25 or you can make your own characters lvl 1. Best party is lvl70 wizard, your character lvl21 and 6x lvl1 character, with this u can get around 4kSP/hour without ticket.

Delevel - Unfortunetly your character should be lvl 20-25. It means after riching lvl 25 you should delevel your char, it maens give him back to lvl 20. Usualy ppl do it on flowers near hotan (lvl 46). Flowers not move so you can easily put your char near flower and other character will ress you. It needs around 15min for -1 lvl.

Place of taxi - As i wrote above, best mobs are ongs located south from Samarkand, little bit worse wariant is Huns lvl 37. Advantage of Huns is lower popularity which coresponds to lower amount of taxers. Yeah, ongs are sometimes really crowded. I attached to my tutorial map with nice ongs and huns spots. Red one are best, orange are little worse, but still good enought (see on right side of this site:).

Small (big) tip - As i wrote before it is important to have low average level in party. Many of you might get in mind using 2 or more taxers in one time. Unfortunetly this will cause rise of average lvl and you will get almost same SP. But there is trick. IF you place your taxers enought far from each other, so far that they dont get exp from each other, it wont cause rise of average lvl in party and you will get 2x more SP.

4. SP calculator

It is good to know how many SP you really need for planned build and level. With this nicely helps SP calculators.
Chinese SP calculator: http://sro.mmosite.com/x/
Europe SP calculator: http://sro.mmosite.com/eurox/
Values of SP till level 100 are 100% correct. This calculator is up to lvl 120, but this values can be changed by Joymax because current cap is 100 (At least when i m writing it, while you reading it can be different).

5. Tips

I spend kinda much time on ongs so i met there many ppl. Unfortunetly this farming has one disadvantage which can cause fatal error. You should know your character will be only lvl 20 for all time of farming so it is not possible to try playing this character. Many people which farmed 1mil SP and upped their characters up, they found that this build isnt that one which they wont and started new char. So if you make first char i recomand u before farm good thing which character you really want to play:)