Battle arena information

Hallo guys and ladies, I'm back with my tutorials. Nowadays topic is Silkroad online Battle arena since Joymax launched Legend 5+ update. Seriously i would say one of best update i ve seen.


1. What is battle arena?

Battle arena is massive pvp area which is opened twice a day (4am and 4pm silkroad standard time). In battle arena you can fight for your guild, party or job, depending on day of week.

2. Timetable and registration

You can register to battle arena talking to NPC "Battle arena manager", this NPC is located in every town near teleport. You can register till 5minute before arena start, dont forget it please.

There are two times a day when battle arena is opened, it is 4am and 4pm silkroad standard time. Registration ends at 3:55am/pm. Battle takes 20 min, that means it ends 4:20am/pm

Day 4am 4pm
Mon Job Arena(Capture the Flag) Job Arena(Point Battle)
Tue Random-match Arena(Capture the Flag) Party-match Arena(Capture the Flag)
Wed Random-match Arena(Point Battle) Party-match Arena(Point Battle)
Thu Party-match Arena(Capture the Flag) Random-match Arena(Capture the Flag)
Fri Party-match Arena(Point Battle) Random-match Arena(Point Battle)
Sat Guild Arena(Point Battle) Guild Arena(Capture the Flag)
Sun Guild Arena(Point Battle) Guild Arena(Capture the Flag)

3. Types of battle arena

Point battle - Oponents fights each others and get points by killing oponent players or by killing mobs. Team which has more points on the end of battle gets is taken as winner.

Capture the flag - Capture the flag is almost same as point battle, but there is also oportunity to take flag and place it to your team flagpole, which gives you huge amount of point, these points are counted only while battle arena time is up. So it is important to have flag placed in flagpole on the end, no matter what happen before.

Random matching - This system is based on random parties. You cant choose your colegues, system give you party depend on your lvl. Every person going this event must register.

Party matching - In this type you can choose your teammates by making your own party before battle arena start (oponents will be choosed randomly). Party master has to register on event.

Guild matching - Guild master can join whole his guild to battle arena and than he can choose 16players which will go to battle arena.

Job matching - People are devided to teams depending on their job. You cant choose party, but it will be people with same job:)

4. Points

In every battle arena system you are collecting points. Winner is team with more points. In arena you get points like this: 1point for mob, 3points for champion, 8 points giant, 60 points elite mob and 6points opponent player. All players in team work together and on right side of screen you can see current score (if it is not bugged as usualy this week).

5. Reward

Winner team gets 5 battle coins and losing team gets 1coin.

This coins can be used to buy special items. This items sell NPC located in Hotan near teleport (other than battle arena NPC). You can buy sos, som, sun and nova accesories 9-11 degree. Most worth are d11 special nova accesories which give you bonus while you wearing 2 of them or more. Price of this d11 accesories is around 900 coins, however cheapest accesories d9 can be bought for "only" 100coins.

Full d11 nova accesories set gives +4 or +2 lvl advantage to all legendary items, depending on which accesory types you wear. +4 gives that more worth and +2 is for less worth accesories.