Fortress War - What to do?

Fortress war is one of best oportunities in silkroad. Yes, many of us complain about time, which isnt really ideal. But when you decide to go on FW you should know what to do there.

What is Fortress War (FW)?

It is war about fortress (Jangan or Stronghold - next cities will be opened later). Winner of this fortress can set taxes at NPC for other players. Maximal taxes are 20%, it means your union can get 20% of money which people spend at NPC in Jangan/Stronghold. Nowadays after d10 update is Jangan main city where is much money and also many taxes:)

Time of FW?

Fortress war is once in 14days in 17-19h of silkroad time. For europeans it is 12-14h GMT+1. So every FW takes 2hours.

What to do before FW?

Your guild have to register on FW for defence/attack. Only guildmaster can register guild and only in specified time. It is in Monday-Tuesday (also part of Wednesday)

What to do as GuildMaster?

1. Master have to register guild in time.
2. Master can set positions of guildmates on FW. It is easy, you press U, choose one of guildmate and click "position allocation" and there u choose on of positions. Players which are Millitary engineers or Deputy Commanders in FW can wear an hammer and attack FW buildings. This part is really important and has to be set up before FW starts.
3. Guys which can wear hammer should be STR chars or rarely also int china chars.

Tips for Deputy Commander at FW:

- Deputy Commander at FW can build COmmander post, which is important for attacking guild. When you have this spot and your member die, he can easily rebirth near to this command post. In case your guild dont have command post you will appear at Jangan.
- First you have to buy command post construct manual at Jangan FW NPC. You can build command post at specified place on FW area. building is little complicated, you have to right click on item and than left click on area which is selected for building this posts.
- Deputy commander has same rights as Military engineer so please read next tips below:)

Tips for Millitary engineer:

- millitarz engineer can wear hammer, this hammer you can buy at Jangan FW NPC. With this hammer in hand you can attack buildings on FW (gate, tower, heart).

What to do LAST minutes before FW(attacking union)?

Regular members of each guild should make parties for 8ppl. In each party should be at least 2clerics. One main cleric, second cleric just for case the first one die.
Guildmaster have to set up Military engineers positions BEFORE FW starts. Every guild should also make Hammer party, which will contain 2cleric and 6hammer guys. This 2clerics will only heal and ress hammer guys.
Also important is to choose good tactic. All union should stay together. It is said that all union should be in area of 80m around, so every member can "see" each other. This is very important because for oponent is hard to kill all group and when you stay close to each other there is much higher probability that someone will ress/help you.

So how to successfuly attack FW ?

1. Set up Military engineers positions before FW, make good parties, with clerics inside.
2. Set up tactic for today FW. Choose one gate which u will attack and keep attacking this gate. Many times happen that when you attack one gate, other gate is "clean" and low experience members trying to change gate, but this usualy fail, because you need long time to destroy gate, so anyway defending union will come to other gate in time. And this only mess up your own union. So attack only one gate which u select before FW.
3. Stay close to each other in small range.
4. First you have to destroy gate, than you can go destroy Defend Towers and after it you can go attack Heart of FOrtress. Without destroy one of this you cant go attack Heart because system will not allow u this.
5. Be carefull and try to do as much as u can do for your union, here you dont play solo, but as team and if you want win, you can do it only with good team.
6. Never enter FW without destroy gate, even defenders will open gate, because it is only trick and anyway u will not be able to attack heart.

So how to successfuly defend FW ?

On request of _DarkWings_ (Xian) I added information about how to defend zour Fortress (Seems he is scary?:p).

All what is written up almost fits to defending as well.
1. You have to set up Military engineers which can destroy attackers Command posts and also can heal HP of gates and towers. Dont forget tell them to buy repairing tools, which can repair gates.
2. Set up parties with clerics inside and wait on FW starts.
3. Set up watching parties on gates, at every gate should be at least one party which will watch for enemies. Important is that cleric cant be attacked from under the wall position. Take care that wizards has 20m range nukes, so it is better to leave at least one cleric far away. For ppl standing on wall is good advice not to jump back cause u only lure wizards nukes to deep place of your fortress.
4. If you are controling walls u can send other players to damage Command posts. Important is that these players stay together in group.
5. You can try some tricks if you will be under presure. For example u can open one gate and let few guys run into and than fastly close gate and kill all guys inside. If they are inside they cant be ressed. It is really good trick to devide enemies into 2groups.
6. Keep in mind that gate isnt all, if they break your gate than you still have towers and finally heart. They must destroy all those buildings.