Blue zerk quest on lvl100

So finally after 2months of hardgrinding i made lvl100. So I can make this tutorial about lvl100 Blue zerk quest. On the end of this quest u will get zerk with 20% damage absorption. And in front of your name you will get Baronet (EU) and General(CHN). Again this quest is written for euro, but it will run for china cahrs too, just on start visit General Sohyeon at Jangan.

1. Military Test 2

Visit Rachel NPC at Constantinopole. Talk to her twice and she will port you to special area, where you have to stay alive for 10minutes. There will be lvl100 mob against you, but it isnt really strong. You dont have to kill it, only stay alive.

2. New challenge

Talk to NPC Rachel again. Than go talk to Witch on the lighthouse north way from Constantinopole.

3. Branch of Live

Talk to Witch. Than go to Rock Mountains and kill one Goat or Shaur. It will give you item Energy of Mountain. Go to jangan and there go on mobs called Yeoha. It is lvl10 mob looking like tree. Click on that mob and right click on item and u will get other item. Go and talk to Witch again.

4. Relic of Sun God

Talk to Witch. Than go on Ishade, Hashade mobs at Karakoram. Kill them and collect Shinning Crystals. You will need around 30 cristal I think. Than take this Crystals and go to Cleopatra Gate at Asia (Isy spawn place). There right click Crystal a u will might get Relic of Sun god I got it from cca 15 crystals. Talk to Witch again.

5. Spirit of underworld

Talk to Witch and kill mob which will apear. You have to kill it on Zerk.

6. Another increment

Talk to Witch and than go to Rachel at Constantinopole and you will become Baronet.