How can you become good hunter?

For ppl which know me it is nothing surprising that i wrote this tutorial. I really love hunring since silkroad has started and i m sure i will never change this job. For ppl which dont know me, I m lvl 7 hunter so I hope to help you in this job.


1. Enter the Hunter asociation

If you want be hunter, first you have to join hunter asociation. Simply you can talk with Hunter Asociation NPC, which is located in every city. After clicking this NPC, you select "join hunter guild", it works only if you arent member of other asociation (Trader/Thief). There is small fee around 500k for joining.

2. Hunter NPC

3. How can you get contribution points?

If you finish trade, you should be with trader in share party. If trader starts selling you will get hunter experience. 1 hunter experience = 1 contribution point. Every hunter gets same experience, doesnt matter about his lvl. If trader sells in share party he lose 20% of golds and exp. Hunter gets also golds, one contribution point is 1 gold, so you can earn nice money on trade, around 1m/trade if you make good party with 2 traders on 5*.

4. How many points you can get for one trade?

If you are lucky and you can choose members to party, than you can get much more contribution. Usualy in party are 2 traders and 6hunters, this configuration perfectly work on 2x5* trade and everything works fine. You can do also party with only 5 hunters if they are strong or opposite you can try 7hunters and 2traders, it means traders will join party only on selling time. In party like this you get around 1m contribution on lvl 90.

Other possibility is to use low lvl traders. You can take about 5 traders which are 20lvl below hutners lvl. In this party u can get around 1.5m contribution.

5. Best place for trading

If you expect some super trick here, than i m sorry, but it depends on your server mostly. There are servers without thiefs, but also servers with huge number of active thiefs.

But it is said that best experience you get between Constantinopole and Samarkand or Samarkand - Hotan. These tracks are also better because many possibilities of routes. In pictures connected to this tutorial you can see some main routes.

6. How hunter lvl can help me?

Unfortunetly there is one of biggest mistake of Joymax. Higher hunter lvl gives you nothing. Well you get better feeling, but thats all. If you are really good you can be in Top 50, so you apear on Joymax website and get some "fame".

7. What items take with me on trade?

8. Become invisible for thiefs

9. Other tips and tricks

If theifs attack you dont chase them, they only try to kill you.

Dont talk on allchat. Cause everyone can see your message becoming with *YourNick so every thief see that around him is player in job suit.

10. Thiefs tricks to steal loot

Spy - many thiefs has spy, there is player which dont use theif flag but can inform thiefs about your trade. Also hunter can be spy, so it is good to know other hunters on server.

Stucked bull - If thiefs destroy your pet they usualy stuck their bull behind tree or wall and pick up loot. It allows them to transfer loot imediatly 100m away from your trader. Usualy hunters dont have idea where the bull can be stucked so even thief die it is hard to find loot again.

Invisibility - invisible thief can also pick up loot and together with stucked bull you arent able to see him and he can steal all loot.

Fake bulls - usualy not all theif pick up loot. Every theif spawn bull and than only few thiefs pick up loot. It is good cause later you dont know which bull is the right one with loot.

11. What you SHOULDNT do

There are some non-fair play tricks which you shouldnt use. Mainly it is stealth hack and unsuited cleric. I hope all players will play fair and wouldnt destroy this game.

12. Result?

Yeah this is silkroad:

In Related pictures section there are also some useful maps. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and now? Lets go trade:)