Roc quests

Hi again. New update has apeared in silkroad. And i try to tell you something about Roc Quests. Because everyone have to make this quests to get key which allow you to get to Roc dungeon.


1.Test of village chief

First quests is Test of village chief, starting NPC for this quest is Bukra, you can find him in Wind city in Roc mountains. You will have to collect Scout's voucher, Commander's voucher and find Slave's lithography. Scout voucher u can drop from special quests mobs (above head is sign). These mobs are above brain peak (see attached map on right side of page). Scout voucher u can get from mob looks like Feather cloak and Commander voucher u get from mobs looking like eagles. Than slave litograpfy wil give u NPC called Slave Jabur near heart peak (again look map). Than go back to Bukra at Wind town.

2. Preparation of material 1

Again talk to NPC Bukra. He will give u new quest. U have to get 5 Red items and 7 Blue items. Red one drops from lvl78/80 wings and Blue one drops from 85/87 wings. Collect it and return back to Bukra.

3. Floated rumor

Last time talk with Bukra and he give u 3rd and last quest to obtain a key. This time you have to kill Rocky birds located on all peaks. It doesnt matter which rocky u kill first. But you have to be in share party. Run around all 7 peaks and than visit Bukra. He give u key to enter Roc.

4. Related NPC

Bukra: Wind Town X-3741, Y-188
Slave Jabur: X-4722, Y 229

5. Questions?

If you have any questions feel free to ask on my e-mail. You can also write me which more info you would like to see about Roc.