Battle arena

Hallo guys and ladies, I'm back with my tutorials. Nowadays topic is Silkroad online Battle arena since Joymax launched Legend 5+ update. Seriously i would say one of best update i ve seen. Continue reading >

SP Farming, ong taxi

I was thinking which tutorial make as next for my site. Since there isnt any sro update which really need to be tutorialized i choosed SP Farming tutorial. Without good knowledge of farming Sp you cant make strong char. Continue reading >

Roc quests

Hi again. New update has apeared in silkroad. And i try to tell you something about Roc Quests. Because everyone have to make this quests to get key which allow you to get to Roc dungeon Continue reading >

How can you become good hunter?

For ppl which know me it is nothing surprising that i wrote this tutorial. I really love hunring since silkroad has started and i m sure i will never change this job. For ppl which dont know me, I m lvl 7 hunter so I hope to help you in this job. Continue reading >

Blue zerk quest on lvl100

So finally after 2months of hardgrinding i made lvl100. So I can make this tutorial about lvl100 Blue zerk quest. On the end of this quest u will get zerk with 20% damage absorption. Continue reading >

Fortress War - What to do?

Fortress war is one of best oportunities in silkroad. Yes, many of us complain about time, which isnt really ideal. But when you decide to go on FW you should know what to do there. Continue reading >

Blue zerk quest on lvl95

On lvl95 there is serie of scenario quests which give u Blue zerk and Yellow label in fron of name. On euro side it is Knight. This tutorial is for euro chars but almost work on chinese too, just there are other NPCs. Continue reading >